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Write Yourself: Creative Writing and Personal Development (Writing for Therapy Or Personal Development)

EN Health, Family & Personal Development 7 months ago 384
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Write Yourself is the ideal introduction to how to facilitate groups and individuals in finding inspiration for their creative personal writing voices. This book explains how and why writing is such an illuminative, healing, and cathartic process, and provides many practical exercises that encourage the exploration of emotions, memories and experiences. Chapters cover the use of writing with a variety of client groups, including those made up of people suffering from depression, anxiety or health problems, and advice is given both on running and participating in successful writing groups. This. Read more... Becoming our own shaman : introduction to therapeutic creative writing -- 'A story of gaining understanding and insight' : how to begin -- 'I got in touch with myself' : values, principles, practice -- 'Secrets kept safe and sound' : children writing -- 'Writing is a way of saying things I can't say' : writing with the very sick -- 'Keep taking the words' : writing to help with anxiety, depression and mental health -- 'Follow the wings of the imagination' : writing and therapy or counselling -- 'Writing gives us wings so we can fly' : writing in substance and alcohol abuse treatment -- 'Ideas hunt me, catch me, make me write' : writing for victims of torture, refugees and asylum seekers -- 'A craft to take you through storms, and keep you still' : writing in prisons -- Understanding misunderstanding : reflective writing for professional development -- Mystery and mastery running therapeutic creative writing groups -- 'It helped me to get involved with myself' : running residential writing groups -- 'Tread softly because you tread on my dreams' (Yeats 1974) : conclusion : a conversation between Juhani Ihanus and Gillie Bolton

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