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Sealy and Worthington's Cases and Materials in Company Law

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Sealy & Worthington's Cases and Materials in Company Law clearly explains the fundamental structure of company law and provides a concise introduction to each different aspect of the subject. The materials are carefully selected and well supported by commentary so that the logic of the doctrinal or legal argument is unambiguously shown. Notes and questions appear periodically throughout the text to provoke ongoing analysis and debate and enable students to test their understanding of the issues as the topics unfold. This text covers a wide range of sources and provides intelligent and thought provoking commentary in a succinct format. It is invaluable to all those who need vital materials and expert observations on company law in one volume. This 10th edition brings: * Complete updating of statutory, regulatory and case law materials. * A new consolidated and expanded chapter on corporate governance, including details of the various new UK codes and leading government reviews.

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