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My Story About The Hurricane (Disaster, Recovery Guided Activity Workbook)

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My Story About The Hurricane is the latest Guided Activity Workbook for helping children and teenagers learn and thrive after a disaster. The workbook uses very simple language to create a safe, structured way for children and teenagers to express their memories and fears. Ideas are presented like open ended questions. Children are encouraged to think about positive experiences and identify good memories too. Spaces for creating drawings about specific experiences help children learn to recognize and how to think about their own feelings and to think about how others feel. The Guide for Parents and Teachers describes some of the many ways the illustrations in this book may help. This book is written for families whose children need a good tool to help empower children to learn, to cope, and to heal from the trauma of a natural disaster and to grow. The workbook includes special focus on aftermaths such as floods and tornados and includes an updated Mental Health Checklist to help parents, teachers, and caregivers identify children who might need more help. The use of guided activity workbooks shows children that honestly facing the disaster is supported rather than avoided. The child's personal feeling of being in control and sense of personal history are enhanced. The psychological benefits of promoting the child s understanding of shared experience can be powerful. A guided activity workbook allows adults to use their natural tuning in and empathy, so families and caregivers may provide psychological as well as physical nurture to children in the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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